Business Partnership


International Business Model

The local business partner and Spread draw on their unique strengths to jointly manage the business. Spread provides knowledge on construction design, cultivation, and operations, while the local partner operates the Techno Farm™, and manages sales and logistics. The partner can seek investment from third parties if necessary. We design business schemes to promote collaboration with various partners in accordance with the needs of their local business environments.


Joint Development Partnership


Joint Technological Development

The partner and Spread integrate both expertise and knowledge to create innovative vertical farming technologies. This includes a range of joint development areas such as the development of cultivation equipment aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity, the application of renewable energy, and the construction of information systems.


Joint Research and Development

With the ability to fully control the cultivation environment, Techno Farm™ can design a wide range of cultivation methods. The partner company and Spread jointly develop the know-how to cultivate various product varieties that have taste, texture and other characteristics that meet unique local market needs.


Investor Partnership


Investing Partner

Upon completion of Techno Farm Keihanna, we will take bold actions to achieve our mid to long term strategy. We plan to launch one-hundred facilities globally within five years, including twenty farms in Japan. We will establish a global unique smart agriculture platform that vertically integrates both state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. Furthermore, we will create new innovations by aggregating big data and contribute additional value to the agricultural industry. We are looking for investors who share our vision and support our activities. Your investment could be a bridge to bring our sustainable innovations to the society and for future generations.